Frequently Asked Questions - 

*Please note: In order to be considered for a party, we do require you to have read, understood, and agree to our rules prior to attending a party. Also, when emailing us, please attach a picture of yourselves so we know who we may be opening our doors to. Indicate if you have been in the Lifestyle or been to any parties/activities related. Please be aware that you will be signing an "Acknowledgement and Agreement" as you walk in the door to protect you, ourselves, and our guests regarding confidentiality, rules, etc. Thanks for understanding!*

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our events and have provided some of the answers and rules here.


Please DO NOT park on the street. Use the RV Gate on the RIGHT side of the house driving into the back yard, park as close to the car next to you. Walkound to the front door to enter the party. 


We do live here, and we want to keep having fun, so lets not upset OUR neighbors! Please keep the noise level down when outside.


BYOB (due to liability it is NOT an open bar). Although most basic mixers are provided...let us know if you need anything! Please make sure to have a designated driver and understand if you act offensivley, due to over indulging, you may be asked to leave.


The entire main area of the house is ceramic tile, and of course we have all kinds of concrete, grass, and a pool in the we ask that you pour your beverages into a plastic cup that is provided. Broken glass is no fun at parties and we don't want anyone to get hurt!


Please do not take any pictures without getting permission from the hosts! All activities at our parties are confidiential and will be kept comfidential...what you see here, stays here!


We do ask for a donation for our parties. Your donations help us with the decorations and prep-work, party favors, mixers, ice, food, wood, cleanup, entertainment, maintenance, etc. We work very hard and put in many hours of time (before and after each party) to make sure we have everything needed for the best possible atmosphere during our parties and we do appreciate your donation to keep these parties going! 

 Regular Swinger Parties, we usually are requesting a $40 donation for couples, single ladies are FREE and for very select single males we are asking a $60 donation (single men, we encourage you to bring a date) and will only be considered if you have attended one of our parties in the past, or are referred by one of our couples. 

Kinky VIXXXINS Parties, we usually are requesting a $20 donation per person.

Black and White Swinger Kink "Swink" Party -

The requested donations are as follows for this Party -

$20 per person for men or women to be consitent with

the kink community and their events.

Mixers and Food provided as well as a friendly, welcoming

and clean environment, closely monitored for safety and fun!